Company Profile

Logcon companies are developing timber handling equipment for saw mills, paper mills, energy production and fire wood production. Since year 2006, the products are manufactured by Logcon in Estonia. The Swedish company Logcon Hortinorr AB is developing the products.

Lars Alexanderson, Logcons owner has extensive experience managing timbers. Logma (first successful tree harvester in world), Hiab (timber crane), Interlog are some of companies he has worked for. He has made several inventions.

Logcon screws together the constructions as far as possible. It provides long-lived constructions, especially the fatigue strength. Plates and beams at right angles to each other are bolted together with a special hook. As a bonus becomes the constructions cheaper. The technology is based on modern computer-controlled cutting sheet metal.

Logcons conveyors are constructed according this technology. Logcons conveyors have therefore very competetive prices.

Logcon use noise reducer in the equipment, a simple, smart construction and a cheap solution.